Jul 23, 2010

Tshirt Recon! Ready for back to school!

Here is a tshirt  recon I did this week, it is for potato, she will be in 1st grade soon, it is important to look super cool at this age….She loves it, a tutorial to come!




Jul 21, 2010

Feature: Eldwenne’s Fantasy

To those of you that have been following you know that I have been out for sometime.  Well prior to my injury, I receive a wonderful jewelry set from WWW.eldweene.etsy.com.  The picture below is not the set I received, it is rather, another piece available for purchase in her shop today!  I still have the jewelry set and will reveal it on Friday!  Until that time, I am going to give you a weeks worth of featured items from her gorgeous shop!  Located in Jersey City, she has 100 % feedback, and fantastic customer service.  She has been very kind working with me during my health issues to provide you all with the opportunity to win a fantastic gift set from her shop!

itcamefromtheseaThis piece is entitled “It Came from the Sea”, and it is beautiful!  I love the way the blues, greens, and silver work together for this amazing set!  Priced at $65 it is on the higher end of her items in her shop, but we can certainly see why, with the beautiful combination of glass, crystal, filigree and acrylic beading.  So if you are interested in some beautiful handmade jewelry head on over to Eldwenne’s Fantasy and browse her assortment of earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets!  You are sure to find something for you and everyone else you know!

May 20, 2010

Mommy Necklace :)

A gift for a friend who is pregnant...and my mysterious model...

May 12, 2010

Beach Capris and a Plaid Palm Tree!!

Hey peeps!  Just wanted to toot my horn this Tuesday and show off the little outfit I whipped up last night :)  It is a pair of capris and a tank onesie with an applique.  Nothing too tricky but it was still fun, and although you cannot tell by a few of the pictures it is super comfy and the bean loves them!

And now without further ado.....Making her Super Model Debut at 18months and 1 week...the smashing "Bean"!!!!

Okay, so yes...that was super mean of mommy to put this picture up...here let's try again...

Okay okay...clearing that was the photographer's bad, she wasn't ready! One more try, and this time, everyone get ready!!

And there you have it ladies...and gentlemen!  If you like this and you aren't sure how to do it...leave me a comment and I will happily post a tutorial.  I am going to also start some simple sewing lessons soon, these are going to be geared towards the beginner, for my dear sister XOXO--Wondermom!