Dec 11, 2009

Free Felt Food Pattern

Okay as promised, I have a pattern that will hopefully load.  Please enjoy all the hand drawn goodness it has to offer.  There are instructions on the page!  And if the link does not work please let me know so I can try to fix it asap!  Any questions??? Just ask...There is a TON more to follow, once I get this computer stuff figured out....
XOXO -- WonderMom

Bacon Eggs

Sincere Apologies are in order...

So I need to pass on my sincere apologies....I promised over a week ago that I would be posting felt food tutorials and patterns...the hang up is my "tech guy" aka....Superdad...He claims he is not techy, but knows all aboeut computers.  I have the patterns, just having some issues on figuring out how to post them to you in an easy way.  I suppose I will have to link it to a web server, I am working on that!  Who knew it was soooo difficult???  Those other bloggers make it look sooo EASY...  Anyhow, thanks a bunch for understanding, and I have made it my mission for this weekend to get this done...with the holidays coming, these are super easy last minute items that you can make and kids will love for years! (maybe even adults :))

Dec 1, 2009

TRULY FREE and Easy Felt Food Patterns!

'Tis the season, and like most people I am in search of the most fantastic xmas gifts for my little ones.  Being the crafty mama I am, I wanted to make them some of this super cute felt food I have seen around.  So i searched and searched......

There are plenty of people out there, on, willing to sell there patterns...ugh! I hate to pay LOL....I don't wanna pay someone $12 for a drawn pattern of a fried like many I have decided to DO IT MYSELF....

The difference however, and hopefully the reason you are still reading, is that I have chose to share with you all of it.  Patterns, tutorials, maybe even a video if I can figure it out.  I am just waiting for dad to get home and play with the girlies, and I will be uploading some tonight! 

For those of you who can't possibly is a picture of what I have already completed....and hang in there!  I PINKY SWEAR I will have something on here in a few hours....

Nov 16, 2009

From Baby Cute about 30 mins!

So as promised I share with you today, my very first in the spirit of upcycling.  Prior to our move, I made my own baby food.  Which was very rewarding and very cosst effective.  I reccommend it anyone who is interested, and maybe I will post my methods later.  However, after the move, we have been using jarred baby food, and little bit does not seem to mine, but I just couldn't throw all of these tiny glass jar in the garbage!  And, since our new community doesn't recycle, I am recycling them withing the home.

First, tiny jar candles!  It is super easy and they are very cute, not only do they smell good, but they are small enough to add to a gift or give to a teacher, guidance counselor, or baby sitter, all without breaking the bank!

Step one:
Gather your supplies.  You can order them online in many different ways.  There are wholesalers or some privately owned retailers.  I chose to support my fellow crafter, and purchased mine in a kit off of Etsy.  Just search candle making kit.
  • Candle wax (I chose soy wax as it is environmently friendly, burns nicely, and is dummy proof :))
  • Wicking and wick Bases
  • Containers to use (these would be the baby food jars
  • Hot glue gun, and hot glue sticks,
  • Candle fragrance of your choice (essential oils work too)
  • A double boiler (Or in my case I simply used a pot that sits inside another)
  • A Candy thermometer (they cost approx. $3)
  • You may also choose to use dye, however, I did not, and will not be showing that part in this tute!
  • Clothes pins
  • A spoon

Okay, the first step will be to get your double boiler ready.  For this you will take your larger pan, and fill it with a couple inches of water.  Next, placce the EMPTY smaller pan inside the other.

Next, you will measure out your wax that you will be using.  This is just going to be something you have to experiment with, but I used approximately 1 lb. of wax and yeilded 7 (2.5 oz) candles.

Here is a photo of me pouring the wax shavings into the empty smaller pot, that is nested ontop the water filled larger pot.  Once you have placed your wax shavings in, turn on the heat to around a mid high setting.

The next step is to ready your wicking.  In my purchased kit, I had to take the cotton wicking and dip it in the wax to "cure" it.  If your wicks are already wax coated, just skip this step.

Cut the wick to approximately 1 inch taller than your was nervous, and cut mine a little larger than that...and now I am sorry because I used way to much wick per candle and could have yeilded about 3 more candles had I just followed the original directions...whoops!  Lesson Learned.

Now, your wax should be melting, stir it...remember, you can use any spoon, I used a rubber scraper, it is okay because these are natural ingredients, and they was off easily, especially in the dishwasher :)

Now, dip your cotton wicking into the melted wax.  I found that using an old pair of tweezers for this worked best!  It just takes a minute, and the pull it out and place it on some newspaper to dry.

Step one million... no it really is not that hard!
Once your wicks are dry, place them in the wick "holders" that is so not the technical word for them, but you know what I am talking about right??? These:

Place wicking in base, and bend small amount of wick underneath.
Then put a small bead of hot glue on the bottom of the base.
And, press the base into the wick base into the glass container.

By now all of your wax should be melted, use your candy thermometer to check the temperature, once it has reached 150 degrees F, add your fragrance.  I used approximately .5oz. for 1 lb of wax, more will make a stronger scent, less will be weaker, you will have to experiement to your taste.
Make sure it is well blended, then you can take your wax off the heat and get your funnel ready.

Now, pour your melted wax into the containers, next clip your wick with a clothes pin and make sure the wick is centered and balanced. Like so......

And FINALLY, you did it!! You made your own candle!  Allow them to cool, it takes about 2 hours total...while you are waiting you can think of how you are going to decorate them :)

Also, trim the wick to 1/2 inch.

Nov 7, 2009

Recycling...without the bins...Upcycling :)

So recently we moved to a new home.  People move everyday, and that is not the subject of the post...really.  We moved 2000 miles away from our home in New Jersey to Texas.  There are many changes that come with a move like that, new schools, new jobs, new neighbors.

Our new house is beautiful, the weather here is goregous...the one difference that has struck a chord with me is the fact that recycling is not something that is made conveinient to the residents.  In New Jersey, we recycled every week...religiously...everything I could fit into those recycling bins, was recycled.  Faced with the guilt that the garbage I put into my can is filling up landfills and trashing up the beautiful coastal area we now live in, I have decided to try and recycle in a more unique way.

That is why....for the next few weeks I will be featuring easy, fun, and crafty ways you can recycle in your own home.  One womans trash is another one's treasure right??  We shall see!

Oct 27, 2009


Thank you for taking the time to view my of right now, it is a little baby blog. My goals for the blog itself, would be to showcase my creations and share my knowledge with you. I am an avid Do-It-Yourself(er) and find myself constantly searching for the next big thing. I like to create many things, from cooking, to sewing, to painting..I love it all. The goal I have set for myself, in regards to this blog is to properly provide simplistic tutorials for all of the fantastic things I have found over the years... I am by no means saying that ANY of these ideas in particular are my own, however, I do believe that everyone has their own way of getting to the final are simply my ways, suggestions, and opinions...

Thank you and please enjoy.