Nov 7, 2009

Recycling...without the bins...Upcycling :)

So recently we moved to a new home.  People move everyday, and that is not the subject of the post...really.  We moved 2000 miles away from our home in New Jersey to Texas.  There are many changes that come with a move like that, new schools, new jobs, new neighbors.

Our new house is beautiful, the weather here is goregous...the one difference that has struck a chord with me is the fact that recycling is not something that is made conveinient to the residents.  In New Jersey, we recycled every week...religiously...everything I could fit into those recycling bins, was recycled.  Faced with the guilt that the garbage I put into my can is filling up landfills and trashing up the beautiful coastal area we now live in, I have decided to try and recycle in a more unique way.

That is why....for the next few weeks I will be featuring easy, fun, and crafty ways you can recycle in your own home.  One womans trash is another one's treasure right??  We shall see!

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