Dec 11, 2009

Sincere Apologies are in order...

So I need to pass on my sincere apologies....I promised over a week ago that I would be posting felt food tutorials and patterns...the hang up is my "tech guy" aka....Superdad...He claims he is not techy, but knows all aboeut computers.  I have the patterns, just having some issues on figuring out how to post them to you in an easy way.  I suppose I will have to link it to a web server, I am working on that!  Who knew it was soooo difficult???  Those other bloggers make it look sooo EASY...  Anyhow, thanks a bunch for understanding, and I have made it my mission for this weekend to get this done...with the holidays coming, these are super easy last minute items that you can make and kids will love for years! (maybe even adults :))

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