Jan 5, 2010

Holy Followerpalooza...

Okay, so here I am starting this blog thing for fun....because I am new here in Texas and have no mommy friends left, and what to combine the two loves of mine well really three...my family, my crafting, and writing...I found myself with this blog, looking to make the perfect polygamous marriage of the three...and had to beg my own mother and remind her three times to follow me so I would have atleast one follower...

Now we are at 7!  Seems like very few, especially when I go on other blogs...super fancy gorgeous ones, ones updated by the minute....you know....anyhow, so I am up tonight, unable to sleep, bc I have a million things running through my head, from what to cook for dinner tomorrow, to what to put Ayla in for school...and we have our first official Girl Scout meeting tomorrow...I am troop leader...and then I say, "hey self, (I really do talk to myself all the time, and exactly like this) you should really go check in on your baby, you know the blog you started in November..." And BAM!! You are all here....all seven of you :) following me....so I guess as your leader, I need to start leading you in a direction of some sort, I hope you are please with where we will go, and if there are any stops in particular you would like to make along the way, please just let me know, I will pull over occassionally for snacks, and refueling, of course the potty, but feel free to do that without asking, we are all adults here!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!  I promise....today (which is still kind night for me so in that case I would normally say tomorrow) I will post something fantastically witty, frugal, and crafty for you!

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  1. (hops in passenger seat with a bag of Twizzlers...) Let's roll.