Mar 12, 2010

hello stranger!

Okay so I must say I have not been on here in ages...but I also have not had ice cream in ages or tried to climb a tree...but anyway.....
I have made the decision to embark on a serious project this spring.  I am going to be designing (not really really designing) but ykwim!  But I am making sewing whatever you want to call it a sping line for my little girls.  I am throwing a bunch of ideas around in my head...but I know I want reversible....I want ruffles...more specifically, ruffles on the baby bum...Older Daughter is a princess/diva...sooo she will need something that is truly fantastic, and she will definitely need a skirt or five...  I have been browsing every site imaginable for patterns free or otherwise...although I refuse to pay for a pattern!  So I hope that you guys come back to check...and if there are any good tips or websites you want to share please feel free!  Hopefully I will get some sewing time tomorrow...Baby Girl had fun ripping her diaper off during naptime and playing in number 2!  So cleaning for me....BOO!

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