Apr 29, 2010

Easy Peasy Girls Pinafore

Okay so I was searching all over for an Easy to follow pattern tutorial for making a little girls pinafore….I found tons that I could buy off of www.etsy.com people selling them for anywhere from $6 to $20, which IMO is UGHH!  I refuse to pay, and I decided to fight my way through figuring it out.  In no way is this my original idea, I do not own this, if you want to make them using my tutorial and sell them well, I suppose there is nothing I could do to stop you, and it would be a pain to go to small claims…..So I guess I would just ask that you link back to my post in your sale.  THANKS and HERE WE GO!!!



Newspaper (or a paper bag)

An A Line dress that fits your daughter (or whatever size you want to make it)


Sewing Machine/ Pins/ Thread/ Iron

Fabric – a light weight cotton will do just perfect for this dress, yardage depends on who you are making it for but if she is under five…about 1 yd each or less of TWO coordinating fabrics :)



1. Lay out your dress on the newspaper and trace it with your marker, leaving about a 1/2” for seam allowance.




Like this :)

After doing so, you can either make it shorter (so she can wear it as a shirt, or longer, if you want to make sure the undies are covered…up to you….then CUT IT OUT.  Oops I forgot to tell you that you needed scissors, but hopefully that was a given HA!


2.  Fold the pattern in half and **MAKE SURE IT IS SYMMETRICAL** This is very important!!!! VERY! So make sure if you need to trim the sides up or whatever, you do it RIGHT NOW!



3. You are going to do it all over and make sure you have two dress patterns both the same and both symmetrical.  Label one A, it will be helpful.



4. Now, on the one not labeled draw a shape like this…don’t be nervous, it is only newspaper :)!  Starting at the inside of the shoulder strap, draw a curved line that ends at the top of the armpit.  Then, starting on the outside of the shoulder strap draw a slanted line across the dress and curve it slightly at the bottom of the dress. After you get a shape you like, label it B.  Cut it out, and then on the back side, Label it C.  So one side will be B and when you flip it you will have C.


4. CELEBRATE!  You made your own pattern!! WOOO HOOO!  Now you need to get your fabric.


1 A, 1 B, and 1 C of each fabric.  I always trace it with a regular marker on the back side of my fabric and then cut.  When you are finished you will have 6 pieces total,


5. You are not going to take the first fabric, and pin the sides right side together.  You will notice in the picture that when you line the sides up, the shoulder straps cross over the back.  Sew up each side from armpit to hemline.

Do this for both fabric choices.  then press the seams.  It is not necessary to use a serger because these seems will be hidden.


6. This should be what you have now.  Now you are going to place the two fabrics right sides together and pin….we are almost done!  When you are pining, start by lining up the side seams you just made, and then make sure to  leave open the two shoulder straps on the chest area, and a small part at the hemline for turning.  Yes you can try to turn it rightside out later through the straps, but trust me it is UGH!


7.  This is what you should have.  The neckline is sewn, and every where else, EXCEPT where you see a marker.  Now turn it rightside out through the hole, where the red marker is and press the seams.


8. Now you will see that I have turned in the raw edges of the chest straps, about 1/4” to a 1/2”.  You also need to close up that bottom whole, by turning the raw edge under a little and top stitching along the bottom hemline.


9.  Insert the strap from the opposite side, into the chest strap.  Pin in place and then topstitch.




100_0059 100_0060

Here we are all ready to go to the sewing machine, one last time!





10.  Topstitching the strap in place, and you are done!!!! YAY!!!!




100_0063FINISHED!!!!  Now try it on your favorite girl!  **A special note, it is reversible, so if you are out and grab chocolate ice cream, and it drips, turn it over!!  and no need to go home!  also dads will swear it is too complicated to figure out how to put on, don’t worry they can be trained!  and KUDOS TO YOU FOR MAKING SOMETHING FOR YOU CHILD!

There it is!  The easy peasy reversible pinafore for your favorite little girl!  Thanks for sewing with me, and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!


  1. Ill have to try this one. By the way, Aubrey has the EXACT same green dress that you used as a pattern! Strange...maybe being related has something to do with it.

  2. We'll be featuring your fabulous pinafore tomorrow... come on by and grab a button (and see if you won the giveaway! I haven't drawn yet, so even I don't know- haha!).
    Thanks for linking up!

  3. I came over from Kojo Designs. AWESOME dress! I might alter the bottom a smidge...since it would be for a three year old, and the "peekaboo" gap at the bottom isn't exactly in style for that age group... ;-) (Although, lengthening it would probably take care of things as well.)

    Thanks for the GREAT tutorial!!

  4. I am so excited! I was looking for a pattern as well. I can't wait to try this. I came up with something which I will be posting later tonight if you want to check it out. It's not exactly the same but same idea. Yours is more in detail.


  5. Found you during my daily blog hopping activities. This is so cute! I've always wondered how to make these!

  6. Just wanted to share I did end up making one of these tops. I just have a picture of the back up right now but if you want to take a look you could check out my blog. I also wanted to let you know I linked back to you.


  7. I made one of these and posted about it today. :) thank you....it is fabulous.

  8. I made a tiny version of this pinafore for a baby shower today--Thanks for the tutorial!


  9. This is precious! Thanks for the tutorial! I'm getting busy right now!

  10. I made one of these today; it turned out great! Thanks so much for the tutorial! I'll link back to you if I ever get around to blogging about it :)

  11. So glad I found this tutorial! I just made one for my 4 year old daughter and it turned out PERFECT!!!!

  12. You totally rock!!! I've been searching and searching for a pattern for this exact dress and I too don't want to pay $6 - $20 for one HA!! I found a pattern that is too small for my girls, thank you for teaching me how to make this pattern!! btw I too have the same green dress you used as a pattern and I love the little aplique so much I'm determined to turn it into a pillow for my girls' room!

  13. fantastic all ready to cut out fabric but i will cut it all out in one piece sew to fabrics together leave a gap for turning top stitch it right the way around i love it thankyou so much, as my grandaughter grows it will look great as a top with leggings